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I received my first application in the mail today.  It's quite surreal even though I'm applying online - hey, this is practice at least.

Class of 2013 - I like that.

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at times i feel like i'm stuck while everyone else is moving faster and faster around me.  it's that same detached feeling i've been getting for quite a while, mainly due to the fact that the number of people i can count on and connect with is slowly dwindling - there are only a few left, and each time i feel one of them moving slightly away, i start to freak out, get extremely defensive, and do everything in my power to reel them back in, which in turn often just pushes people away.  so maybe he's right and it's time to just let things happen and go from there.

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Hi!!  If you can't see many of the other entries I have, then you are not a friend, and I'm sorry, but this journal is:

Friends OnlY!!!

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